Development sprints with an agile scope

The Digimix Development Sprint method is an agile web development process adapted from Google Ventures. We’re able to produce user-driven web applications and features while balancing speed and creativity.

This process allows for the ability to seamlessly implement new ideas for features or functionality during a website design and development project. We’ll be working closely with you throughout this iterative process, collecting research on real human behavior and incorporating it into our development.

How it works

  • We perform services through a series of timed engagements called “Sprints.”
  • Sprints begin with a collaborative planning meeting where we agree upon specific goals, tasks, deliverables, timeframes and acceptance criteria for the iteration.
  • A price is for each sprint based on the number of hours allocated to the scope of work
  • A typical Sprint uses 20 hours over 2 weeks
  • We follow a 5 stage development cycle, producing functional prototypes
  • We repeat the development cycle until we produce a prototype meeting the acceptance criteria
  • This agile process allows for rapid concept exploration and prototype iterations 

This is best for a company with…

  • a need for an open-ended, iterative development process
  • a complex or evolving set of requirements that have outgrown a fixed scope of work
  • an idea for a new feature for their website
  • multiple stakeholders who have influence in the acceptance criteria
  • tight time constraints in need of a fast turn around

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