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Security Learn more about WordPress core software security in this free white paper. You can also download it in PDF format . Overview This document is an analysis and explanation of the WordPress core software development and its related security processes, as well as an examination of the inherent security built directly into the software. Decision makers evaluating WordPress as a content management system or web application framework should use this document in their analysis and decision-making, and for developers to refer to it to familiarize themselves with the security components and best practices of the software.

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How exactly does Google ranks keywords? Answered

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An executive of a client company recently asked me this during a series of questions about SEO and digital marketing.


I don’t understand exactly how Google ranks keywords. Can you give me a brief explanation of how this works?



Before Google, search engines were simply a static index of websites organized by keywords. While studying at Stanford, the founders of Google were researching new ways to quantify and search through the growing collection of data that has become the modern internet.
They took the principles behind the scholarly journal authority ranking system and applied it an algorithm that could scan the internet, an index web pages by authority. Essentially, scholarly journals assign an authority ranking to a paper based on how many times that paper is referenced by other scholarly papers. At its core, Google Search works the same way.

Today Google’s algorithm is highly sophisticated and measures thousands of factors before assigning a rank. However, the core principle remains the dominant factor determining the ranking of a page. How many times has that page been cited by other pages with authority?
On the web, a citation is rendered in the form of a hyperlink. The highest value web citations include the keyword as the text for the hyperlink. This is called an anchor link. In theory, if your goal is to rank “” on Google Search for the keyword “gold bar”, you need to have hyperlinks from other websites with the anchor text “gold bar” linking to “”.

This is a high-level overview of how Google Search works. Today, there are many other factors aside from citations that will impact a search engine’s ranking for a keyword. Digimix delivers clients on-site and off-site SEO strategy to improve search engine visibility.

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SVG Importing and Formating Script for Illustrator CC iconfinder/ai-merge

Script for creating your own SVG font in Adobe Illustrator CC. Recommended by this tutorial from Adobe.


ai-merge – Import your SVG, AI, EPS, and PDF files into a single Illustrator document.

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What is the best software to automate Adwords PPC?

What is the best software to automate Adwords PPC?

Answer Wiki Opteo : Automate routine tasks, Monitor Performance, Manage Campaign, Explore Segments.

SEMrush : Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Traffic Analysis.

Instapage : Landing page builder, A/B testing, Conversion Optimization.

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Quick SEO Tip for Local Search in 2018

If you have a chance to do one thing to improve your local SEO (e.g. improve your presence in Google Maps) this year, this is a great tactic. I’ll try to elaborate on this when I get a chance, but this should give you the gist of it. Comment with questions and I’ll respond. Thanks!

Google Maps / Google My Business is really pushing business owners to share posts on their platform. It works similar to Instagram. Log in to Google My Business,, go to your listing, and start posting. The more content the better. Businesses who post regularly will be seen more in local search results.