5 Engaging Instagram Gallery Content Formulas Every Influencer Needs to Know

Digimix has put together 5 highly engaging content formulas for Instagram galleries (aka the Insta grid). These are proven Instagram content strategies used by top influencers. This content formula was created by studying some of the best influencer accounts on Instagram and analyzing the design of their galleries. If you are an influencer working with Digimix, please refer to this video and this blog post + PDF for creative direction on your campaign.



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Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula cover
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula study 1
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula study 2
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula study 3
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula study 4
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula study 5
Digimix Instagram Gallery Content Formula thank you note

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8 Inspiring Web Design Trends

7 Lights Interactive Animation

Interactive CSS and Javascript concept. This could be interesting to use as a hero unit background.

See the Pen #codevember 7 lights by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


Geometric Polygon Web Animation

This animation is code, CSS and Babel (JavaScript). Try zooming in and out with your trackpad. This could be used as a very cutting-edge concept for a background. Or built on to create an interactive experience by adding content and links into the cubes.

See the Pen Geometric Polygon Web by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


Financial Services Modern Web Design Concept

A website design concept showing an excellent balance of content overlays, minimal gradients, oversized text, and creative patterns.


Minimal Web Design for a Modern Art Gallery



Trendy Web Design for a Video Production Company



Airline Flight Booking UI/UX Design Concept

The styling of the tables is ultra modern. This is one of the best designs for a table format data intensive user interfaces I’ve seen in a long time.



Scrolling Fashion Slideshow Webpage Concept

Glideshow aka vertically scrolling slideshow concept for a fashion brand promotional landingpage.

See the Pen Fashion Glideshow Concept by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


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Privacy policy template for your website

If you’re not a lawyer, creating a privacy policy to protect your company and customers can be a serious headache.

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GDPR Email Copy Templates from Salestools.io

GDPR EMAIL COPY from Salestools.io



GDPR Email Copy

Email templates to use under GDPR