Social Media & SEO Strategy Session with Maternova

Maternova is a social start-up creating a global marketplace for resources and technologies for saving newborns and mothers. In today’s strategy session, we stepped outside the box, ignoring the conventional social media strategies that rely on news syndication and polling. We began creating a content strategy that uses the best features of each social network […]

12 Common Photoshop Mistakes

With the same goal in mind as 10 Common Mistakes Made in Type Design, this article was created to raise awareness and educate new Photoshop users and designers,not to make fun of or mock the one’s who use the below techniques and practices. Below is a list of 12 common mistakes, misuses and various ways new users abuse […]

Stock Photo Sites that are Free

Below are the links to some of the free (or almost) stock photo sites. Some of them actually have very good pictures, so it’s amazing they’re free. Reviews of stock photo sites Some of the sites (my personal favorite) (as low as 20¢/image) http://www.openphoto.net (Lucian Husac)… For non-commercial […]

What Should You Get From Your Logo Designer

Below is a list of deliverables you should be giving your clients and what clients should be getting from their logo designer. What should you get: File formats Delivering a variety of file formats to your clients will not only leave them satisfied in the long term, but any designer who follows you will also […]

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