8 Inspiring Web Design Trends

7 Lights Interactive Animation

Interactive CSS and Javascript concept. This could be interesting to use as a hero unit background.

See the Pen #codevember 7 lights by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


Geometric Polygon Web Animation

This animation is code, CSS and Babel (JavaScript). Try zooming in and out with your trackpad. This could be used as a very cutting-edge concept for a background. Or built on to create an interactive experience by adding content and links into the cubes.

See the Pen Geometric Polygon Web by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


Financial Services Modern Web Design Concept

A website design concept showing an excellent balance of content overlays, minimal gradients, oversized text, and creative patterns.


Minimal Web Design for a Modern Art Gallery



Trendy Web Design for a Video Production Company



Airline Flight Booking UI/UX Design Concept

The styling of the tables is ultra modern. This is one of the best designs for a table format data intensive user interfaces I’ve seen in a long time.



Scrolling Fashion Slideshow Webpage Concept

Glideshow aka vertically scrolling slideshow concept for a fashion brand promotional landingpage.

See the Pen Fashion Glideshow Concept by Digimix (@digimix) on CodePen.light


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